The Hanna Import Buying Experience

When deciding to buy a used car you're faced with many different buying options. There are hundreds of dealerships to choose from, many offering the same things as the next.  It can be overwhelming to go through all the options and offers that each dealership provides. So how do you choose when there are so many choices? Hanna Imports in Raleigh, NC can walk you through the buying process and will give you a hassle free buying experience.

All dealerships seem to offer no hassle buying experience. So what makes Hanna Imports stand out from the crowd to give you the best possible shopping experience? How can Hanna Imports provide the best buying experience for you?

Hand Picked Inventory

As you start look for a new car it’s import that you have many choices available. Whether you know the exact car you want or you want to shop around and find the perfect fit for you. Hanna Import specializes in hand selecting their pre-owned inventory. With over 500+ cars on their lot at any given time, you have an amazing array of vehicles to choose from. They are focused on being the lowest price in a 250-mile radius of Raleigh. Hanna Imports finds that keeping the price straight forward and upfront allows them to save time, complete the deal process and keep the best inventory possible. So you know the price you see is the best price!

In order to provide cars at the best price, Alex Gilbert, General Manager, explains “We find the best cars at the best prices – and that allows us to pass along the savings to our clients. We put in the extra effort to find the better deals.”

Dory Abinader, Sales Manager, adds, “We care about what we do and how we do it. That’s a big deal for us.”

If you can’t find your ideal car in the inventory on the lot, using the CarFinder tool specify the vehicle you're looking for and let the team at Hanna Imports find it for you!

Quality Customer Care

Hanna Imports knows that their customers are important and strive each day to meet these customers’ needs. They know that when buying a car, customers hold high expectations and at Hanna Imports they will go above and beyond to meet and exceed these expectations. With the experience and knowledge of the staff you can be confident that they care about your needs and will put you first. Hanna Imports allows you to have confidence in your car buying experience. Getting your car from them means that you will be put first and your needs and wants come first.


Hanna Imports is the number one independent used car dealership in the Carolinas. Located in Raleigh, NC they specialize in hand selected pre-owned inventory. Call (877) 469-9621 to find out more information on used cars available.

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