Compact vs. Full-Size Spare Tires: Tire Buyer's Guide

Have you purchased a spare tire before and wondered if it was good to keep for long drives? If you are purchasing a full-size, you may be able to drive it with no issues. However, compact, temporary tires are not made to be driven on for longer than 50 miles. These are emergency tires that have enough tread and pressure to get you to a shop to replace a tire. However, driving on a donut tire for long periods of time can damage your vehicle and lead to another flat tire.

Drivers who want to protect against a flat tire will typically purchase a full-size tire that is nearly the same or exactly the same as the model of the other tires on the vehicle. These are tires made to handle the load of your vehicle. If you typically have longer commutes, getting a fifth tire at the time of a tire set purchase is a great idea.

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