Can Used Crossovers Really Drive Like New SUVs?

With new car prices spiraling out of control, plenty of people are coming into Hanna Imports looking for smaller used vehicles that do everything bigger newer ones do.

Crossovers offer many of the same perks that full-size SUVs do, but with fewer drawbacks. While they might not be able to haul your trailer, they do offer better fuel economy that could be. In many cases, you'll be able to switch to four-wheel-drive when you need it and disable it when it would just eat fuel unnecessarily.

Their smaller size also makes them easier to park. This is especially important if you've ever had to squeeze into a small space along the side of streets in Raleigh. In spite of this, however, they generally don't sacrifice too much in the way of usable cargo space or legroom. While gently used crossovers might not be as flashy as the latest SUV, they're still quite practical for these reasons.



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