Choosing Motor Oil With The Right Viscosity

Choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle involves more than just grabbing the first or the cheapest jug you see in the store. It’s all about viscosity. If motor oil is something you’d rather not worry about, stop in at Hanna Imports and let our technicians take care of it for you.

Just what is viscosity and why is it so important? Viscosity is the oil’s resistance to flow. Because motor oil thins as it cools and thickens as it heats up, it’s important to adjust your motor oil’s viscosity to the outside temperatures. Motor oil with higher viscosity, like 10W-30, will flow smoother in cold temperatures than one with a lower viscosity like 5W-30.

Always use the motor oil that’s recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Stop in at our Raleigh, NC location, or contact a member of our team to let you know which would work for your vehicle. Our team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible.

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