Why You Should Regularly Replace Your Brake Pad

A brake pad is a piece of equipment in the braking system that needs to be periodically replaced. Even the best and most durable brake pads on the market will have to be replaced due to wear and tear over time.

The pad plays a vital role in the braking system. It serves as a friction reducer between the brake rotor and the caliper pistons. When you activate the brake pedal, you enable the caliper pistons to grab the rotor to stop it from spinning. This is what causes your car to brake and come to a halt.

The contact between piston and rotor generate a lot of heat. The brake pad is placed in between these two pieces to reduce friction. Naturally, the pad will wear out over time.

It is important that you a proper braking pad for your vehicle for maximum performance and safety. Visit Hanna Imports to have a trained mechanic look at your vehicle's braking system. We will be able to tell if the current brake pad needs to be replaced or not. Our staff can also suggest which pad would be best for your car.



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