Learning the Correct Way to Test Your Car's Battery

In order to test the battery inside your vehicle, all you need are safety goggles and a voltmeter. Here is a guide to check the battery strength safely.
  • The car ignition and lights must be off before testing can begin.
  • The car battery terminals need to be free of corrosion, use a wire brush to clean them off.
  • The voltmeter has two cables, the positive end simply goes to the positive terminal of the battery, and the negative cable to the battery negative terminal.
  • The reading for a good battery is 12.4 or higher. The reading for a bad battery will be below 12.2 and could be an indication the battery can't hold a charge or doesn't have enough cranking power anymore to start the car.
  • Remove the cables in the opposite manner.
At Hanna Imports, we have a team ready to inspect or replace your car battery if needed.
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