Useful Tips for Controlling Pet Hair Inside Your Vehicle

Here at Hanna Imports, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner so that you can keep your vehicle as clean as possible. Bringing pets along in the car is normal; how else will you get them to the vet or the beach? Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle free of pet hair when you do decide to bring furry friends along for the ride.

First: Prevent Hair

Preventing hair is the easiest way to avoid a mess. Performing tasks like brushing your pet before putting them inside will save you time cleaning up. You may also want to consider putting seat covers or blankets down before placing your pet inside.

Next: Easy Cleanup

​Removing pet hair is easier than you might think. Try a vacuum with a brush attachment first; you might also try rubbing an inflate balloon on the upholstery to lift up the hair.


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