Knowing How to Use Your Four-Wheel Drive System: 4H vs 4L

Here at Hanna Imports, we want you to be an informed SUV or truck owner so that you know how to properly operate your vehicle. Knowing how to use your four-wheel-drive system is crucial when you get into snowy and off-road driving conditions. Do you know the difference between 4H and 4L?

Things You Should Know

For most vehicles, you have to be stopped and in 'park' to shift into four-wheel drive. If you are driving at high speeds you can use 4H to give you better traction on the highway during snowy or rainy conditions. 4L should be used for extreme off-road conditions and at slow speeds. It's also important to not go too fast when in FWD; a good rule of thumb is to not exceed 55 mph in 4H and don't go faster than 35 mph when you are in 4L.


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