Raleigh Drivers, Make your Spring Service Appointments Today!

Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Top Shape for Summer

Spring is here, and with that comes the excitement of warmer weather, weekend road trips, and summer vacations. Make sure your vehicle is ready and able to keep up with all of your adventures by having it serviced at Hanna Imports.

Why Spring Service?

Colder temperatures and wet weather can have a very negative affect on road surfaces. Running on those rougher roads can do a number on your vehicle by harming the tires, knocking the suspension out of alignment, and even damaging critical brake components. Have your vehicle safety inspected, and give yourself some peace of mind heading into your summer travels.

Tire Changes

Some drivers, especially of luxury and sports cars, will opt for two different sets of tires depending on the time of year. All-season tires are excellent for handling colder temperatures and the occasional snowy road, but now that the weather is warming up, they become less ideal. Summer tires are better suited for warmer weather and the road conditions that come along with it. Designed to grip when the road is hot, and built specifically for wicking away rain for maximum contact in wet conditions, summer tires are the best option for North Carolina summers. And changing tires at the end of each major season is an excellent way to ensure that you’re always driving on tires that are well-suited for the current conditions.

Fluid Checks

While you probably know that changing your vehicle’s oil regularly is a key component in maintaining its health, other critical fluids are often ignored until its too late. For instance, brake fluid can be susceptible to changes in temperature, and the level and quality should be checked periodically to ensure maximum brake performance.

In addition, coolant can become dirty over time, and as it is the only thing preventing your engine from overheating, it should be checked regularly as well. Dirty coolant can carry bits of dirt, rust, and other deposits through the cooling system, clogging passageways and preventing proper circulation. This will quickly result in an overheating situation that can be extremely damaging to critical engine parts, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars and some cases causing irreparable damage.

Hanna Imports is Here for You

Hanna Imports wants to make sure every vehicle in the Raleigh, NC area is well taken care of ahead of this spring and summer season, even if you didn’t buy it from us. Our team of ASE certified technicians is highly-trained on multiple makes of vehicle, and we’re happy to keep Raleigh drivers safe and moving forward.

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