Knowing How To Haggle A Deal

At Hanna Imports, we want you to make a purchase that is informed and intelligent. Wondering how to haggle your best price? We'll give you a couple of good tips to come prepared with once you are ready to come looking for a new or used vehicle at our dealership.

Know What The Car Is Worth

Before you go look at the car you want, you should know its market value, as to avoid being completely ripped off.

Walk Away From Bad Deals

Simply put, if you don't like the deal then just walk away. It's that easy. If the sales associate on the other end really wants to make a deal, they will try to negotiate a better one.

Start Low On Price

Be reasonable, but don't forget that the sales associate can haggle too!

To enjoy your buying experience, visit Hanna Imports where we'll satisfy your needs and keep you happy the whole time!



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