How to Control Pet Hair in Your Vehicle

If you're letting the fear of pet hair in your upholstery stop you from enjoying a car ride with your pet, there are some ways to combat the inevitable spread of fur in your interior.

Nip the hairs in the bud by brushing your pet right before you leave. Cover the area they'll be with a towel or purchase a pet pad made specifically for protecting car seats. It's a good safety practice to keep your pet in a carrier, and this will also help to stop the spread of hairs.

You can harness the power of science to clean up any stray hairs by blowing up a balloon and letting the static cling attract hairs to its surface. Another trick is to mix a few spoonfuls of fabric softener with a spray bottle full of water and mist this mixture on the vehicle's fabric before rubbing the area with rubber gloves to clump the hair for easy removal.



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