You might not know why the chip is there, but your windshield has one. Unless you take steps to deal with the problem, things could get worse. Worse means the chip expands into a massive crack that necessitates a full windshield replacement job. Hopefully, you get chip repair work done before that happens.

At a reliable service station, technicians have the tools necessary to deal with small chips. Tools that blow out any air in the chip and fill the hole with a resin might deliver a solution. The filled chip may not look perfect, but it could keep the small hole from expanding.

Unfortunately, you don't know if the small chip will get worse. At least repair work cuts down the odds a lot. Be aware that repair work won't help a windshield with massive cracks.

The technicians at Hanna Imports don't want to see you deal with chips. Set up an appointment with them to discuss a fix.


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