Smoothing The Surface of Aging Headlights

Cleaning your headlights is a simple process with the right tools. Many of the items that you need are already in your home as you can make cleaners with everything from toothpaste to vinegar and dish soap. If you notice any damage, then consider taking your car to Hanna Imports so that someone can replace the headlight or make the needed repairs so that you can see when you're driving at night.

Clean the surface of each headlight before scrubbing the surface. You want to use products that are abrasive as they can remove scratches that are on the headlights, but you don't want to damage the surface.

After the surface has been cleaned, you can sand the headlights to ensure that the surface is smooth and that there are no chipped areas. Drive through Raleigh at night to make sure the lights shine bright enough on the road after cleaning them.


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