Safe Motoring in Wintertime with Proper Tires

A primary consideration during wintertime is ensuring that you've proper tires on your car of truck. With that noted, there are three kinds of winter tires to select from as you gear your vehicle up for winter.

Studded tires provide optimal traction in the most significantly adverse winter driving conditions. These winter tires come complete with studs embedded into the tread. There is a non-studded derivation of winter tire that is designed much like a studded version, with the absence of studs in the tread. Finally, there is performance ice-snow tire that has a bit of a different design. It is well-suited to driving in cold weather during which there is less snow.

If you need assistance swapping your tires for winter, visit us at Hanna Imports. We are located conveniently in Raleigh and can assist with all of your vehicle's winterizing needs, including installing winter tires.


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