Do you want the cleanest car possible? If so, then don’t focus only on the exterior. And don’t even think solely about the driver and passenger seats. Clean under the hood and make sure the engine sparkles. And do so safely and thoroughly.

After covering up the electrical components, you can start to work on cleaning the engine. Well, do so after the engine completely cools. It’s obviously unwise to clean a hot engine.

Clean any engine covers you remove separately. You don’t want to put them back on the engine dirty. As for the engine itself, spraying the components with a degreaser, scrubbing it, and rinsing everything off should improve things. Allow the engine to dry, and then look over your handiwork to make sure everything is right. If it requires another go, then clean it some more. You may feel surprised over how much dirt can get inside.

The engine will also need routine maintenance. The service department at Hanna Imports is ready to help you with any maintenance request.


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