The Audi A4 is phenomenal on so many levels. This particular sedan is definitely worth the price of admission thanks to its exceptional driving dynamics. First things first, consumers will have more than enough trims to choose from, and this fine automobile will come in numerous colors. Its modern cabin has high-quality materials while hosting in-car Wi-Fi, USB ports and smartphone connectivity.

On the performance side of the spectrum, the Audi A4 will deliver a steady stream of power that isn't overbearing. This is manageable power that's paired with hybrid technology. Depending on your trim choice, one of the powertrains will produce 201 ponies while the other powertrain will produce 261 ponies. The maximum amount of torque will come in at 273 pound-feet. Turbocharging is also incorporated for on-demand acceleration. There are also selectable drive modes that are ready for use.


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