Reading Tire Sizes

While the jumble of letters and numbers on the side of your tires might look random, it actually has a lot of information to tell, from safety rating to ideal inflation levels. Understanding this code can help you to become a more informed car owner.

The first letter you'll probably see on the sidewall markings is a P for passenger vehicle. The width of your tire in millimeters will be the three-digit number. Wheel diameter will be listed, along with the tire's speed rating, which will have an upper number around 168 mph or so. Inflation pressure and…

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Should You Buy a Hatchback?

When you look for a new car to buy, what's the first thing you consider? Price? Affordability? Comfort? Style? A hatchback offers a less-costly way to enjoy a cargo-friendly vehicle when compared to many SUV options. Additionally, hatchbacks come with an incredibly comfortable and stylish design.

If you've been thinking about getting a new vehicle, it's time to consider a hatchback. You'll enjoy luxurious cargo space designed to keep you and your passengers comfortable and in control while you travel. Whether you need something you can take on road trips or a dependable...

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If You're Searching for a Used Vehicle, Check Out Some of These Tips

It's very common for people to fear wasting their money on something that is overpriced or not reliable. This is especially true when buying a used vehicle. It's important to find something that you will like and will serve you well. We at Hanna Imports want you to make informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle, so we've come up with a list of a couple of the things you should do when you are searching for a vehicle.

First of all, you should price out the vehicles that you are interested in. Make sure that they are…

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Road Trip Games to Keep Everyone Entertained

Hanna Imports wants the trip that you take with your family to be a truly enjoyable one. We are here to offer you game ideas to keep everyone in your vehicle entertained on the road.

Create a Bingo board for each of your family members before you set off on your road trip. Include items on that board that you expect to see on the road. This will keep everyone's gaze on the scenery that you are passing and their attention on something fun. Make a game out of spotting license plates from different states. See how many different…
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Tips and Tricks for Planning a Summer Road Trip

It is important to us here at Hanna Imports that everybody get the opportunity to go on a summer road trip. In order to help people achieve this goal, we have assembled some tips that you will hopefully find very useful for planning your next summer adventure.

Make sure to plan your trip well, you don't want to run out of time or money, so figure out a general itinerary to guide you on your trip. It doesn't have to be too detailed, as you want to have some room for spontaneity, but it helps to know how…

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What is a Car Alignment?

Do you know what kind of alignment to ask for your car? This depends on the type of drive train that you have. Most cars have a front wheel drive configuration, which means you only need a FWD alignment. However, if you have a rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive, then your alignment will look a bit different. All alignments do the same thing, however. It simply means to set your axles and wheels in the same direction. The process typically involves a clamp that goes on your axles and uses a computer to make precise measurements.



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Why You Should Regularly Replace Your Brake Pad

A brake pad is a piece of equipment in the braking system that needs to be periodically replaced. Even the best and most durable brake pads on the market will have to be replaced due to wear and tear over time.

The pad plays a vital role in the braking system. It serves as a friction reducer between the brake rotor and the caliper pistons. When you activate the brake pedal, you enable the caliper pistons to grab the rotor to stop it from spinning. This is what causes your car to brake and come to a halt.

The contact…
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Engine Radiator Systems

Engine cooling and radiator systems serve a valuable role in your vehicle. That is why we here at Hanna Imports in Raleigh want to ensure that all car owners know just what that is.

The main function of your car's engine cooling and radiator system is to keep the engine from overheating. Many experts agree that in order to get the most out of your car, your radiator should be flushed once every 30,000 miles or once every five years, whichever of these two marks would arrive first. This ensures that your engine is being properly cooled at…
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